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Terms of bus order and lease


1. If the lease time for a bus or a minibus driver payment is made, the lease time is rounded up to half an hour in a large strontium.
2. The vehicle interior is forbidden to smoke, to drink alcohol. Forcing the driver to traffic violations strictly prohibited. During the movement of the bus to get up from their seats and move around the cabin of the bus is prohibited. According to the SDA, are not certified to carry children on the front row of the bus.

3. When ordering a bus, please note the number of seats on the bus, pre-contact and consultation with the manager, especially if you have large amounts of luggage (the number of seats on the bus is reduced). During longer trips, if in flight the two drivers, the customer does not take place 3-4 (two seats to the right of the bus on the first row).
4. In the case of damage to the bus or passenger cabin of the customer, the customer shall compensate the damage in full amount to the driver.
5. Any changes in the bus rental time can be adjusted by no more than 24 hours prior to the filing of the bus.
6. Not later than 9 hours before the start of the order with you bind the operator and to inform the number of the bus involved for you and the driver's phone number.

7. The customer is obliged to make a list of the names of passengers, to provide it to the bus driver. Passenger List shall be prepared in triplicate. In the case of bus transport checks the inspection, the driver must provide a list of passengers. The absence of a list shall be sanctioned by imposing a fine on the owner of transport.
8. The appliance only works during the spring-summer season from 01.04-30.09.


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